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Our Antique Carriage & French Clocks

We have a good selection of fine antique carriage clocks in our London premises.

These carriage clocks have been overhauled by our own workshop antique clock repair facility in Cheshire.

All our carriage clocks come with a guarantee and are fully restored working examples.

The cabinets on French mantel and carriage clocks tend to be either brass or gilded brass, bronze, marble or spelter.

The French mantel clocks we stock tend to go for 8 days or longer on a wind and have either pendulums,cylinder or lever platform escapements.

Please pop by our shop to see our varied and wonderful selection on show.

French industrial revolution clock

Victorian French Singing Bird Automaton Table Clock - Featured

A rare late 19th century automaton 8 day clock standing under a glass dome.


Price: £16,950

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overal picture French Automaton clock

C1880 French Industrial Revolution automaton water fountain clock - 1

An outstanding and rare automaton French clock of '8day' duration.


Price: £4,850

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Champleve enamel French Four Glass clock

Champleve enamel C1900 French Regulator Mantel Clock - 2

A fine pretty French four glass clock with champleve enamel decoration.8 day duration.


Price: £refer

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French marble mantel Clock C.1860

French marble mantel Clock C.1860 - 3

A fine porcelain dial French red marble mantel clock.


Price: £2,450

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Front of oval carriage clock

Oval Brass French Carriage Clock Late 19th Century - 4

 A good '8-day' gong striking French carriage clock.

Dimensions: 4.75in ex handle

Price: £1,125

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White Alabaster French clock C1880

Antique White Alabaster and Gilt Brass French Clock C1880 - 5

A fine eight day duration French clock C1880 with white Alabaster case and gilt brass decorations.


Price: £1,750

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front view shagreen strut clock

Shagreen and Ormalu French Porcelain Dial Strut Clock. C1900 - 6

A superb convex porcelain dial leather and brass clock with french platform escapement


Price: £1,625

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Albert & Klattenberger C.1860

Albert & Klattenberger C.1860 - 7

A fine  early carriage clock striking on a bell repeater of  '8-day' duration.

Dimensions: 4.8in(ex top handle)

Price: £2,850

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front view gilded French carriage clock

Mid 19th century French Gilded Carriage Clock - 8

Lovely Gilded carriage clock with one piece gorge case, movement striking hours and half hours on a  gong. '8-day' duration.

Dimensions: 5.5in. ex handle

Price: £2,975

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front view minature brass carriage clock

Minature carriage clock C1880 - 9

A lovely minature carriage clock of 8-day duration.


Price: £1,425

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French Ship

A rare French C1900 'Ship's Quarter Deck' Mantel Clock - 10

Simply stunning Guilmet gilt brass automaton mantel clock with Brocot escapement, numbered 1570


Price: £16,500

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French boulle clock C1870

Lovely French 8 day Boulle Clock C1870 - 11

A fine boulle clock from the latter half of the 19th century, 8 day duration.


Price: £2,850

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Carriage Clock Repeater. C.1880

Carriage Clock Repeater. C.1880 - 12

A good '8-day' porcelain dial striking carriage clock.

Dimensions: 5.25in(ex top handle)

Price: £1,875

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Large French clock with two train movement

Superb Mid 19th century French Gilt brass Clock - 13

A fantastic large impressive French clock from the mid 19th century. The movement of 8 day duration with bell strike.

Dimensions: 22.5in.high

Price: £refer

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Small French Clock. C.1880

Small French Clock. C.1880 - 14

 '8-day' small French clock.

Dimensions: 8.5in

Price: £1,375

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front view neo classical French carriage clock

Neo-classical French Carriage Clock C1885 - 15

A lovely decorated French '8-day' repeating carriage clock.

Dimensions: 4.75 in. high ex. handle

Price: £2,200

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french clock set

C1880 French Clock Set - 16

'8 day' French clock set, 2 candelabra,


Price: £2,275

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French Mantel Clock C1900 - 17

French mantel clock. C.1900

Dimensions: 11.5 in high

Price: £895

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French red Boulle Clock C1870

French Antique Boulle Clock C1870 - 18

A fine shape and condition pieced brass French 8 day red boulle clock from the late 19th century.


Price: £2,475

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overall picture elephant clock

Elephant Clock Swinger C1900 - 19

A lovely sweet Elephany clock swinger

Dimensions: 11in. high

Price: £1,400

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front view 4 glass clock

French 4-glass mantel clock C.1900 - 20

A good brass 4-glass french mantel clock of '8day' duration.

Dimensions: 15.5 incl. finial

Price: £1,800

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front view decorated french carriage clock

Decorated French Carriage Clock C1900 - 21

Fine blue decorated French carriage clock with platform lever escapement and '8-day' duration with repeat function.

Dimensions: 5.7in. high ex. handle

Price: £2,650

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French Clock Set C. 1880

French Clock Set C. 1880 - 22

'8-day'  striking movement porcelain clock.

Dimensions: 21in clock, 9.75in vase

Price: £2,200

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Lovely boulle clock with cherub

French Boulle Clock C1875 - 23

C1875 French Boulle Clock of '8-day' duration.


Price: £2,400

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French 4 glass c1860 antique clock

French 4 Glass Clock C1860 - 24

Lovely porcelain dial brass 4 glass clock with 8 day movement. Late 19th century


Price: £2,400

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porcelain dial French clock c1900

French mantel clock c1900 - 25

'8-day' brass and porcelain dial French clock.


Price: £895

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front view French mantel clock

French mantel clock C1890 - 26

Gold painted '8-day' spelter French mantel clock, with porcelain dial.


Price: £425

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Side view of stunning French Le Roy et Fils carriage clock

Antique Carriage Clock by Le Roy et Fils C1870 - 27

A superb 'gorge' style case carriage clock of 8 day duration with alarm feature and repeat function to the top of case.


Price: £refer

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front French repeating carriage clock

French Repeating Carriage Clock C1885 - 28

 French repeating carriage clock C1885 of '8-day' duration.

Dimensions: 4.4 in. high ex. handle.

Price: £1,750

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Champleve Enamel French Clock C1900

A superb pretty Champleve Enamel Brass Four Glass Clock C1900 - 29

A lovely small brass and champleve enamel four glass clock of 8 day duration.

Dimensions: 27cm high

Price: £2,675

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Religeuse 17th century clock

French Religeuse clock by Piquet of Renne Late 17th century - 30

 A superb late 17th century '8-day' French clock with superb boulle work case.

Dimensions: 19.25 excluding finial

Price: £9,500

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Front full picture Automaton French Semaphore and water wheel clock

Automaton Semaphore Clock with water-wheel C1860 - 31

A fine design 8 day movement with working automaton water wheel and imatation flowing water and semaphore to the top.

Dimensions: 16 inches high

Price: £3,800

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Pillar clock with reeded wood column

French Pillar Clock C1900 with alarm - 32

A fine and interesting pillar novelty clock of 8 day duration with alarm feature.


Price: £1,675

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Minature carriage clock front

Minature French Carriage Clock C1880 - 33

Lovely 8 day French minature carriage clock


Price: £1,250

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Red Boulle French clock with glass front window C1875

French Red Boulle Clock C1870 with Porcelain Numerals - 34

A fine condition and shape design French C1875 Boulle clock with 8 day gong striking movement.


Price: £2,650

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French ornate timepiece mantel clock

French Brass and Mahogany Mantel Clock C1900 - 35

A nice small size timepiece French Mantel clock of 8 day duration


Price: £395

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Fine condition green boulle clock from France C1870

Green French Boulle Clock C1870 - 36

A fine French delicate boulle work with green background and porcelain dial, 8 day duration mechanism.


Price: £2,950

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French Four Glass Clock C1900

French gilt brass Mantel Clock Four Glass by Maple & Co C.1900 - 37

A lovely condition and style French Four Glass clock with porcelain dial.8 day duration, half hour and hour strike movement,striking on a bell.

Dimensions: 29cm high

Price: £refer

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