Antique French 18th Century Louis XV Boulle Cartel Clock



A simply stunning French ‘8-day’ 18th century boulle marquetry cartel clock with oustanding porcelain and brass dial.

Although its technique appeared as early as the 16th century, this clock owes its name to Andr√©-Charles Boulle (1642-1732), master cabinetmaker at the King’s court. It is a marquetry consisting in placing inside wood materials such as tortoise shell, copper, brass and mother of pearl. More specifically, Boulle marquetry is a veneer of tortoiseshell combined with metal, most often copper or brass as in this case. This clock dates from the Louis XV period.

The movement on this delightful clock is quarter striking on the first bell hitting it once to four times for the quarters. The hammer then moves up to the higher bell and strikes the hours. The clock has two count-wheels for each. The clock has verge escapement, silk suspension and typical for this period square plates.

Delightful ormolu brass adornments to the case. The case being of usual waited violin style design. The clock being of superb colour and patination.