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Interesting Clock from Leverpoole

Very rarely do we get the pleasure of buying back our special antique clocks. I believe you can count on one hand the clocks we have had back in over 40 years, for either financial or relationship reasons. I would like to write my first post for this year on a clock we sold about 20 years ago and have recently had the pleasure in buying back. It has just been completely overhauled again and is now back in showroom condition. It is pictured on our website.

Clockmakers Sometimes Could Not Spell

This antique clock is a beautiful mahogany brass dial moon phase example from the last quarter of the 18th century. ‘Wheat-ear’ engraving to the dial edge, lovely matted and engraved clock dial centre. Subsidiary seconds and calendar features and moon phase to the arch. Superb flame mahogany veneers. The cabinet even has an old pulley attached to the hood where a cord was run from the repeat lever of the movement to probably the bedside of the owner. This would let him know the last hour struck.

Liverpool Wealthy Area in the 18th century

We have not had to many examples from this clockmaker. He was clearly a special clockmaker of the 18th century to produce such outstanding workmanship. It is amazing though just how many clockmakers could not spell.(yes even worse than me!) The really quirky feature on this clock is how the maker has spelt Liverpool. He has spelt it probably how he said it, ‘Leverpoole’. This really made me smile.

Fantastic Self Taught John Harrison

I remember John Harrison the famous clockmaker who solved the Longitude problem. He taught himself to read I believe at home with a physics book. Correcting some of the equations as he went. Clockmaking in the 17th and 18th and even 19th century’s was a top profession. You only really entered through family connections. Long apprentaships and long hours followed before you qualified.

I have seen so many funny spellings on antique clocks but this spelling of Liverpool really tops the bill for 2012. I would welcome you sending me any other funny antique clock name spellings with their pictures to and I will post them on this blog for you.