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Clocks for sale

I have now written many blogs about important aspects of antique clocks. Many of these blogs relate to how to find more information about a particular antique clock Setting up antique clocks, the history of antique clocks or timekeeping antique clocks Lessons in finding a genuine antique clock or even advice if you are considering a career in restoring antique clocks. I hope I have showed you there are many pitfalls in choosing antique clocks for sale. You can learn more from visiting our website

Where to Find Clocks?

The truth is there are literally thousands of places you can source your antique clock for your home. I am sure you have seen clocks in many places like dusty old curiosity shops. Local, regional and famous auction houses, ebay, and maybe even the odd car boot sale. I want to stress the importance of buying from someone who is a long established expert in the field. They should give you a written guarantee than the item you are interested in, is a genuine antique. There is nothing worse many years later someone knowledgable coming around to dinner telling what you thought was your prize and joy has been butchered.

Reputable Clock Dealer

It will be more expensive buying from a long established reputable dealer offering a money back guarantee. It is worth it in the end though. I have also noticed that with the auction houses some of the prices realized are actually even higher than equivalent for restored examples in dealers shops. People seem to enjoy buying at auction. Remember this is not a place for anyone other than trained experts. Read the conditions in the backs of many auction house catalogues.

Check conditions of Sale in Auctions

Auctions are basically buyer beware. Some auction houses also now charge as much as 30% plus VAT commission on the buying price. The price you bid is not the price you pay and it is easy to get carried away bidding in an auction house.  Yes I may have considerable bias, as I believe you should always buy from a specialist dealer like ourselves. That is if you want a clock or lovely piece of furniture that comes with a guarantee.  I also would recommend buying a genuine picture though from an established picture dealer not an auction house. You are then covered by a written guarantee and are paying for the dealers knowledge and experience. Also when to comes to these items and especially clocks, we at Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd have our own sympathetic restoration facility. Items purchased at auction or elsewhere will normally need lots of money spending on restoration after purchase. Clocks need to work properly, you will not get any guarantees that they will do so from auctions.


To sum up therefore there are lots of antique clocks out there that seem a good deal. On closer inspection this may not always be the case. A changed movement, a new base, there are many factors which reduce the value of an antique clock. In looking for places with antique clocks for sale , my recommendation is to buy from only long established dealers. They will given you a written money back guarantee that the item is genuine.  I do not believe we will be beaten on price at Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd, like for like. We offer sympathetically restored antique clocks and furniture at affordable prices in London and Cheshire.

World Wide Exports

We sell to all four corners of the globe. A specialist antique shipper ships all our items to your front door. We also have comprehensive setting up instructions for all our antique clocks. The world wide web has made it possible buying from anywhere in the world an easy task. Although I always recommend to buy your antique clock in person. You can then touch it, smell it and speak directly to the person selling. Clearly this is not always possible in today’s manic world. We will provide many high profile references on request, and we usually know someone that has purchased from us in your neighborhood. If visiting the shop is not possible, speak to us on the phone or by e.mail and realize what makes us tick ! Trusting the person you are buying from is essential when buying antiques of any sort.