Antique Grandfather Clock by Spencer & Perkins 1770


A superb ‘8-day’ London grandfather clock made for the portugese market. Superb flame mahogany cabinet.

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A highly collectable ‘8-day’ flame mahogany veneered grandfather clock. All showing the typical high quality London case features of the time by Spencer & Perkins. This clock has spent its entire life I believe in Portugal in Lisbon. It has also been exhibited in Lisbon. This was to commemorate a famous battle in portugese history where the English helped decide the outcome.

The dial with two circular painted discs for the dial centre. Together with strike silent to the arch. Spandrels to the dial corners and to the arch as well. Subsidiary seconds and calendar. The movement striking the hours on a single bell. What looks like the original transport piece of wood behind the movement. This would of been used when it was sent to Portugal. A very rare clock.

Antique Grandfather Clocks