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Great Christmas Gift Ideas

Silver looking around for that ideal stocking filler.
Silver looking around for that ideal stocking filler.

Have you ever been completely lost over what to get your loved one at Christmas?

If so you are one of millions of us rushing around at the last minute with no clue of what to get?
We usually spend hundreds of pounds on something that will be forgotten within a few days. How about some suggestions that will be a memorable present for many years to come ?

Everyone has a budget at Christmas. I will be looking a various options from a few hundred pounds to a few thousands pounds for those with bigger pockets. Maybe for ones like me that tend to save up and buy something really special once a year as a special treat.

Under 500£ Presents

Lovely Art Nouveau Balloon Clock C1900

Swan Neck Balloon Clock C1900

Lovely Art Nouveau Balloon clocks can be a wonderful Christmas gift. Fully restored examples in top condition and of the best quality can be found at under 500£. These lovely little clocks will give years of superb service. Always reminding the person of the day they receive this lovely gift.

Under £1,500 Presents

Ships wall clock

Osborne of Colchester Dial Clock

Antique pre c1900 Fusee wall clocks that have been overhauled and are in showroom condition are fantastic gifts. The earlier type can go from around £1,000 to £1,600. If you want to stretch the budget you can go for a smaller dial example. Convex dials or even rarer large face dials with fusee movement which all are more expensive.

Under £3,000 Presents

Joyce Bracket clock with round convex dial

skeleton clock C1860

For under or around £3,000 you can get a large selection of early or mid 19th century fusee timepiece bracket or skeleton clocks.

Under £7,500 Presents

George Binns Bracket Clock C1820

Dodds ebonized bracket clock

These superb fusee bracket clocks would be a lovely addition to any home. Woods from mahogany to walnut to ebonized fruitwood can be found on these examples. Most movements are of 8 day fusee type.

From £3,000-£30,000 Presents

porthouse grandfather clock

Old Deer Davidson Grandfather Clock

Pewsey London Grandfather Clock

Automaton Lacquer Grandfather Clock

Antique grandfather clocks form an amazing addition to any home. They truly are the centre piece. Owning a lovely restored ticking antique grandfather clock is like having someone nice coming to stay with you.

I hope some of these pictures give you the inspiration this Christmas for that really special gift. If not for Christmas then for that special anniversary. Have a part of our nations history ticking away in your home very soon, you won’t regret it.

Daniel Clements