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British Summer Time – clocks change

I am an antique clock fanatic and have loved antique clocks and everything about time all my life. I presently run our family business Pendulum of Mayfair Ltd in central London and Cheshire. Various people have looked at changing the clocks time over the years. Most have been unsuccessful in convincing enough people. Either because the changes affect Northern England or Scotland or by people not understanding the major benefits. The system below would benefit pretty much everyone I believe.

Changing time

My proposal is very clear and easy, and will greatly improve most people’s lives. In understanding GMT it is very simple. The hours of daylight are roughly split into the same hours before midday as after. I believe this is fine when there are shorter hours of the day in winter and GMT should remain during the Winter.

Winter and Summer Time

I do believe it works when there are around 16 and ¾ hours of daylight in summer. This spread of time equally between morning and afternoon no longer works for modern living. This is why we have British Summer Time. I believe this should be further enhanced . Sunday March 31st and Sunday October the 27th should remain as the allotted days for changes but British Summer Time should be +2 not +1 (you can call it Double British Summer Time) We will be at the same time as Europe for these months. If you look at the sunrise times for middle England under GMT on the 18th June it is 03.46 under +1 at present this would be 04.46 under my system this would be 05.56. Still early for sunrise, but we will gain by an extra 2 hours of daylight throughout the summer (instead of 1), saving on electricity, enhancing peoples lives.

The need to change

The latest sunset would be 22.31 under this proposal. The economic benefits and peoples health benefits from the extra daylight are considerable. I am sure this would gain the massive support of the majority of the population if this was put to them under a referendum.
Daniel Clements from our London antique clock business , I would welcome your views. Follow my antique clock tweets on twitter.