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Superb antique restoration projects over the years

We have restored lots of special pieces of antique clocks and furniture over the years. Many of these fine pieces can be viewed at our London antique clock shop, Pendulum of Mayfair in London. We have also restored many grandfather clocks and smaller clocks. These for large banks, famous hotels and various other institutions in central London. The lovely thing about restoring antiques whether it is a grandfather clock or a smaller item, is every repair is different.

Every clock repair is different

The only thing that remains the same if it is an intricate repair is the lovely comments you receive when the repairs have been carried out properly. The transformation of an item into showroom condition makes restoring very rewarding.

It is with great shame over the years there are hardly any proper courses on restoring. There are few antique movements or cabinets courses available in our great universities. These courses used to give a great grounding for young students.

Appeal for more Technical Courses

I now can only recall a couple of courses available in which you can study horology. In this country, one of them being at West Dean. It is with this in mind that all our staff have had to be taught in house by our owner Roy Clements. From humble beginning in a small village in Cheshire, we now have one of the foremost restoration facility’s in the UK. This has mean over the last few years we have even undertaken the restoration of many clocks. For special places like the Russian Embassy in London.

Famoous Places we have been asked to restore for

The Russian Embassy Residence clocks were great projects for us. More important was to meet such wonderful new people. His Excellency the Ambassador Alexander Vladimirovich Yakovenko and his wife were amazing with us and so were his staff. We will always treat them as friends and thank them for being so hospitable to us. It is very hard in one generation to meet important people like this and be honoured with the responsibility. To be entrusted with the restoration and repair of important clocks, but it shows this can be done. Nothing is not achievable if you work hard enough and are dedicated in what you do.

Examples of Cabinet Restoration

I have listed a lovely piece of antique cabinet restoration below. I wrote some time back but it is a clear idea of what needs to be done in restoring items properly. Always give you items to be restored to a professional. Sometimes poor repairs and restoration can destroy the value of any antique.

Daniel Clements