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Servicing mechanical clocks

I have wrote a few blogs that I hope you enjoyed about antique cabinet restoration. Clearly antique cabinet restoration once carried out properly is a once in a lifetime operation as a rule. Antique clock movements meanwhile need to be cleaned and serviced at least every ten years.




























































Horology Department

All antique clock movements at Pendulum of Mayfair are properly serviced by trained high quality horologists. The movements are completely taken apart, cleaned and any necessary bushing & pallets re-facing carried out. Normally there will also be other repairs to undertake. Especially if the movement has not been properly services in the last 20 years.

Many clients believe if the clock is running and has been doing s,o this is sufficient. Dried out oil tends to mix with dust and other foreign bodies to become a grinding paste. Unless the movement is cleaned every 10 years or so this grinding paste can cause undue wear. This will also mean that when the next service is carried out extra work is required.

Service your clock every 10-15 years

It will normally take our horologists a couple of days to complete an overhaul of a grandfather clock mechanism. This only needs to be done every 10-15 years. Therefore a small price to pay to keep your antique clock in full working order and in tip top condition. Please only entrust your antique clock to the finest horologists. We have had our own workshop for over 40 years and all our staff are trained to the highest standards. We undertake work for Embassy’s, major London hotels and for many vip’s. Many clients have shipped their grandfather clock cases and movements back from the States. Then this work can be carried out by us. Poor quality restoration and repairs not to the highest standard can effect the value of your antique clock.

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