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Security Tips at Home To Protect Your Valuables and Your Family

Security is an important aspect of any home. You do not need antiques to be a target for the thief. Clearly these people are normally after your small valuable items, like cash, jewellery, gold and silver, even video recoders. etc. All these items are easily sold on or with your gold items, melted down and sold for scrap.

Top tips to Help with Security

When someone enters your home without permission, we feel violated, and it is something you will never forget. It is a good idea for your home to be your castle and make it secure. This may not be necessarily just for the sake of your valuables but for the protection of yourselves and your family.

My first advice is for you to contact three bodies. 1) Your local Crime Protection Officer , he or she will help you in many ways.

Ask for Independent Advice

1)They will give you some good advice to improve on your security.

2) Contact your local Fire Prevention Officer. They will come out and make sure after you have secured your home. You have proper escape routes should the worst happen. Protecting your home so that no-one enters is one thing. Please make sure in case of fire, you can get out.

3) Your local Neighborhood Watch scheme is also a good thing, they will keep you updated on what is happening around your area.

High quality Door and Window Locks

I believe it is important to install high quality window and door locks. Do not just leave the keys in these so the thief can unlock from the inside after gaining entry. They can then make a quick exit. One really cheap way of vastly increasing your home security is to purchase some bolts for all your internal doors. These are quick to fit, can be easily unlocked in case of fire. No issue with finding the key, and the intruder cannot break an upstairs or downstairs window and reach you. He will be confined to the room he gained entry to.

Picture Your Valuables

It is important to photograph all your valuable or sentimental belongings. Record any specific marks or features and take a note of the height. You could mark or microchip belongings as well. Photographs and having an up to date valuation if you have the items insured will greatly enhance the chance of having you items returned. If not at least you will be in a good position with the insurance company. It is important to have this information and pictures not in your home. It should be kept in a safe deposit box, bank or at a solicitors.

Screw to Wall

All grandfather clocks we advise screwing to the wall, any measures like this will also slow the thief down. Robbers are interested in getting in and out in a short as time as possible. Items like jewellery and gold is most vunerable not large antiques. A thief will normally scan your home for weaknesses, make sure you do not have any. He will then go elsewhere if he sees issues.

Buy an Alarm

Having a top quality alarm and for this to be monitored is important. Have the police on stand-by with panic alarms is also good for peace of mind.

We are resident at our premises 24/7 365 days a year and have various other important security features. If you do leave your home unattended, lock and shut all internal doors. Set your alarm, set lights to come on with time clocks at random during the night. Tell tell your neighbors you are going away. As with anything in life if you notice something suspicious note it down.


I am no expert in security but I hope there are some features listed above that you think are useful and may implement. Please do contact the specialist bodies though. It is amazing with all this help and advice out there, many people take security for granted, with the old adage, it won’t happen to me.

Daniel Clements