Antique Grandfather Clock by William Edwards – London C.1790


Fine arch silvered brass dial '8-day' London mahogany 'automaton' Longcase clock.

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Featuring a superb ‘8-day’ London mahogany automaton Longcase clock. Together with an arch silvered brass dial by William Edwards. The cabinet showing typical high quality London case features Also with superb colour and patination. Wonderful inlay to door, base and hood. Including Corinthian columns to trunk and unusually to the base as well. The silvered dial with seconds and calendar. Also automaton to the arch, depicting chopping down the tree of life. Makers name William Edwards engraved to dial centre. The 5-pillar movement striking the hours on a single bell.

For further reading and significance of automaton to arch – see below.

Daniel Chapter 4 – Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream of a Tree     
4:1–9 Here Nebuchadnezzar the King witnesses to the greatness of the Most High God. To an experience in his life which led to his conversion (vv. 1–3). He had a dream which his own wise men were unable to interpret. So he sent for Daniel and told him the dream.
4:10–15b He had seen a tree, high, beautiful, and fruitful. The tree … reached to the heavens and spread out to the ends of all the earth. A watcher, a holy one coming down from heaven Ordered the tree to be chopped down, leaving only a stump and roots in the ground.

Man losing his sences

4:15c–18 Then the holy ones described a man losing his senses. Becoming like a wild beast of the earth for seven years.
4:19–26 Daniel told the king that the tree represented him and his worldwide empire. He would lose his throne, and he would become insane for seven years. Living like an animal in the field. But the stump signified that Nebuchadnezzar would not be destroyed but would be restored.
4:27–37 Daniel also counseled the king to change his ways. However, after twelve months of impenitence on the king’s part, the vision came to pass. For seven years he lived like a beast. At the end of that time, he turned to God and acknowledged that He is the Most High … who lives forever. He was then restored to the glory of his kingdom.

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