Antique Grandfather Clock by Parkinson Bothamley – Boston C1790


Fine automaton ‘Adam and Eve’ ‘8-day’ Longcase clock.

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Featured here a superb C1790 quality automaton Longcase clock. Shown with arch white dial by Parkinson Bothamley. This very rare and delightful Lincolnshire clock by a famous family of clockmakers to the area.

As mentioned in an article on collecting antique clocks by Brian Loomes.

Bothamley Family

The Bothamley family made clocks for at least four generations. This being in and around the town of Boston. Parkinson was married in 1771 at Skirbeck near Boston to Elizabeth Wade. He had fifteen children altogether. Many of these dying young.I would suggest anyone who is interested in the maker. To read the book published in 2001,”Lincolnshire Clock, Watch and Barometer Makers” by A.S.H.Wilbourn and E.Ellis. It is fascinating that the authors reproduce an undated printed handbill.

Hire Purchase Agreement

This setting out the conditions of a Clock/Watch Club organised by this particular maker. This type of club was used by some makers at the time for drumming up business during a quiet time. It has been described as like an early hire purchase and lottery arrangement combined. It is a amazing insight into purchase arrangements for clocks. Sometimes used especially in the rural areas at the time, definitely a must read for anyone.

This particular clock dial by Parkinson Bothamley has gold leaf spandrels to the corners. Also with automaton ‘Adam and Eve’ to the arch. In addition seconds and calendar features to the dial centre. The cabinet showing good quality London case features. Including fine choice mahogany veneers. The movement striking the hours on a single bell. ‘8-day’ duration.

In many many years of being in the antique clock trade, this is probably the finest clock to come from the Lincolnshire area I have ever seen. Probably the finest example by this well documented clockmaker. To sum up a complete collectors clock. Clearly this example would look stunning in any home.

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