Grandfather Clock by J Barber-Winster


Fine 8 day oak arched painted dial Longcase clock Late 18th century.

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Showing here a superb 8 day oak arched painted dial Longcase clock. Late 18th century by J Barber of Winster. Together with superb arched painted dial with gold leaf decoration. Also with flowers to the corners and a painted scene to the arch. Calendar feature to dial centre.

The movement striking the hours on a single bell.

The lovely oak cabinet with swan neck pediments, no mask to hood and long trunk door. The clock standing on a single plinth.

This renowned maker has a book devoted to his work which is ‘Jonas Barber Clockmaker of Winster by B.W.Cave-Browne-Cave’. Jonas Barber was one of the few makers who numbered his clocks, starting in 1748. The number of this particular movement is 1321. From the number referencing in the book it would date this clock to around 1788.

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