Antique Regulator Clock by Thwaites and Reed – London C1810


A superb 8 day flame mahogany veneered precision clock by these well known clockmakers, Thwaites and Reed of London.


Featured here a superb high precision regulator clock. Showing the round silvered and engraved dial by Thwaites and Reed of London. Thwaites and Reed being famous makes of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The ‘8-day’ movement together with high quality dead beat escapement and Harrison’s maintaining power. Together with lots of other high precision details and high spoke count. Together with lovely design mercury compensated pendulum.The round silvered dial with typical regulator layout. Engraved seconds hours and minute divisions.

The superb flame mahogany cabinet of superb colour and patination. Also with the finest choice mahogany veneers and a glazed door to the trunk section. This reveals the lovely pendulum feature and engraved beat scale.

A collector’s clock of the finest quality.