Antique French Clock Signed Raingo Freres – Paris


A superb 8 day duration gilt brass and enamel flower French clock with porcelain dial and elaborate case. Mid 19th century.

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A simply stunning ornate French clock with porcelain dial. Featuring signed maker Raingo Frères Paris to the dial.

The 8 day movement with typical French hour and half hour strike on a bell. Showing here with superb ornate gilt brass case with flower adornments.

Raingo Freres was founded in 1823. The origins of the company Raingo Frères lie with Zacharie Joseph Raingo (1775 – 1847), a clock-maker, who was born in Belgium in 1775. Zacharie Joseph Raingo specialized in creating astronomical clocks.

One of these creations, a planetary pendulum clock made in 1824, was purchased by King George IV of England and is now housed in Windsor Castle.

By the mid-19th Century, Raingo Frères had expanded the range of their output into other bronzes and furnishings. In the 1860s, the firm supplied several clocks and bronzes to Emperor Napoleon III and his wife Empress Eugenie. These form part of the collection at the Musée du Louvre.

Such commissions enhanced the reputation of Raingo Frères. He became internationally recognised for the very fine quality of their bronzes and gilding. This is a super little clock of exceptional quality.