1970’s Thwaites and Reed Falling Ball Clock


A fine quality Thwaites and Reed Falling ball clock from the 1970’s. 8 day duration balance wheel escapement movement. Brass globe and mahogany backboard.

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An 8 day duration 1970’s falling ball timepiece by Thwaites & Reed.

Mounted on a mahogany board with a moulded border and applied cast brass foliate bracket supporting the spherical brass timepiece engraved with the continents, bisected by the silvered Roman and Arabic annular dial, the weight driven movement powered by the descent of the case down the steel line, the backboard with an applied cartouche.

Lovely interesting piece and in good condition. Wind by raising ball to the top and watch is fall during the week and the indicator points to the time.

A platform escapement movement, unscrew the bottom support, take lower sphere half off to adjust timekeeping.