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Shipping Clocks Around the Globe

Exporting our Antique Grandfather Clocks

As a family business we have been exporting antique clocks around the world for the last 40 years. Our main markets over that time have been to our friends in the USA, Canada and Australia. We have also experienced recently exports increasing to countries like China and Russia. Clearly shipping or exporting valuable antique clocks has to be carried out by a specialist firm. Here at Pendulum of Mayfair we use a company called, ‘The British Shop’. We have used them and found them to be absolutely excellent over the last 10 years. We have exported lots and lots of precious antiques with them.

Use a Specialist Antique Shipper

We have had many compliments both on our procedure and our after care support. These add to the wonderful comments about the quality of the shipping provided by the British Shop. I have flown out to the States on a few really high value sales and I have been there to unpack. I must say I have seen with my own eyes the extra care taken in packing.

The British Shop Team
The British Shop Team

High attention is always given to the crating and packing of your lovely new antique clocks purchase. Once cleared payment is received by us. The clock starts ticking on the process that will see your beautiful new clock purchase keeping time in your home. We first thoroughly check the movement. We wax and check the case. Then the clock is collected by the shipping company to be carefully packed.

Packing Process

The packing process is crucial. The trunk and movement will normally be packed separately in specially made ply-wood crates. These crates will be large, so that they can only be handled with care. The clock is encased in packaging material and then fixed in position within the crate. The clock will not be able to move within the case in transit. We go through the straight forward setting up process when the client is in the shop. Further to this we provide comprehensive setting up instructions. You can fall back on these. They cover ever conceivable aspect of set-up.

Easy Setting Up Process

Also we are always on hand on our Cheshire workshop number 01565722197. We aim to take any queries on set-up until late here in the UK.  Once the shipper collects the clock, all parts of the clock will be carefully listed on a manifest. The clocks trunk, the hood, the movement, the pendulum. The weights, the winding key and finally any door keys and finials are noted.

For our superb range of antique grandfather clocks  that can be in your own home, ticking on the other side of the world, generally within 3 weeks of cleared funds visit us.

Typical Prices

For typical export or shipping prices see below or contact

USA – £700-£1,000

Australia £700-£1,400 (depending on sea or air freight)

Canada – £1,000

China – £1,200

For other places around the world please e.mail me for a quote, I will need the dimensions of the item you wish to purchase. I will then forward this information to our specialist shipper. I can also arrange special export discounts for our overseas clients on ticket prices, that will mean in most cases the shipping element will be effectively free.

Daniel Clements