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Classic Wall Clocks

Are you interested in buying a new wall clock for your house? Have you thought about maybe making your new clock an old clock, and buying a classic wall clock? Pendulum of Mayfair have a great stock of antique clocks. We have plenty of beautiful wall clocks that will enhance any home, modern or older, contemporary or traditional in style.

Wall clocks have been around since at least the late 1700s, and Pendulum even have an early wall clock for sale, from around 1795. It has a lovely 12 inch brass dial, and was made by William Mills in London. Imagine owning a clock that has been working since around the time of the French Revolution. Perhaps it even graced the walls of an escaped aristocrat! It’s worth paying a bit extra to buy that little bit of history, even if you have to imagine the story for yourself. And If you’d like a clock from slightly later, there are plenty available from the mid-nineteenth century, in sizes ranging from 8 inches to 16 inches in diameter, many with mahogany cases, but some with oak. You’ll be spoilt for choice!

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