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Buying an antique clock

If you’re looking to invest in an antique clocks it’s likely that you’ll require some guidance when considering your purchase.  To ensure you get the best quality antique clock at the most appropriate price, it will be helpful to take the following into consideration:

  1. What sort of price do you want to pay for the antique clock you are thinking of buying.  Consult an antique pricing guide to give you an idea of the price brackets you are looking at.
  2. Does the dealer offer a guarantee of authenticity?  An antique clock with such a guarantee is worth more.
  3. Is the clock’s movement in good working order?  You will pay more for a working antique clock, however if you were to buy a non-working clock the difference will probably not be as high as getting it repaired after the sale.
  4. Does the antique clock have any distinguishing marks, such as a signature or label that connects it to a well-known manufacturer or clock maker? Antique clocks are worth more with these marks but beware of forgeries so ensure you get a written guarantee from the dealer.
  5. Set aside a decent amount of time to find your perfect antique clock at the perfect price.  Rushing to buy will often result in you paying over the odds for your antique clock.

Pendulum of Mayfair have years of experience to draw upon and we are happy to answer any of your queries when you are thinking of buying an antique clock.