Mahogany Regulator clock Jackman – Isle of White

A fine 1860 English regulator clock

A stunning flame mahogany veneered Regulator Clock.Showing Jackman Newport I. W. engraved to the dial. The fine quality 8 day movement with Harrison’s maintaining power and dead-beat escapement. Furthermore lovely mercury compensated pendulum and seperate engraved beat plaque scale.

The lovely C1860 up and over designed case with glazed front door and side section. Fine fretwork decoration to below the dial section. To sum up a very collectible and good size precision timepiece.

Morris Jackman, watchmaker and jeweller. Situated at 110 St. James Street from 1852 to 1886. He was also a silversmith and had a “musical instrument depot”.

From the records he is born in 1824 and died in 1903.

Antique Regulator Clock by Thwaites and Reed – London C1810

Regulator clock

Featured here a superb high precision regulator clock. Showing the round silvered and engraved dial by Thwaites and Reed of London. Thwaites and Reed being famous makes of the 18th and 19th centuries.

The ‘8-day’ movement together with high quality dead beat escapement and Harrison’s maintaining power. Together with lots of other high precision details and high spoke count. Together with lovely design mercury compensated pendulum.The round silvered dial with typical regulator layout. Engraved seconds hours and minute divisions.

The superb flame mahogany cabinet of superb colour and patination. Also with the finest choice mahogany veneers and a glazed door to the trunk section. This reveals the lovely pendulum feature and engraved beat scale.

A collector’s clock of the finest quality.

Antique Regency Regulator Clock by Haley & Son – London

Haley main

No other words can describe this amazing quality regulator but simply stunning. A lovely clock by Haley & Son of London built in the early 19th century.

The 11 inch square silvered brass dial with subsidiary Roman Hour indicator on a six spoke disc.Arabic minutes and seperate Arabic seconds indicators.

The amazing quality 6 pillar massive movement with six spoke wheel work throughout.Furthermore jewelled dead-beat pallets and Harrison’s Maintaining Power Beat adjustment set over the movement,and end stops throughout.

The fantastic flame mahogany veneered case of unusual straight up design. No trunk hood or base mouldings are found here. Not a normal clock design feature.Glass door to the trunk revealing high quality mercury pendulum. There is also a silvered and engraved beat-plaque indicator.

A clock of the highest quality and perfect for any important collection of clocks.

Antique Grandfather Clocks

Antique Regulator Clock by O. Axmann – London C.1860

Axmann main

A superb 12 inch brass dial regulator clock. Featuring good quality ‘8-day’ movement. Also the circular silvered dial with typical regulator layout. Cabinet showing choice mahogany veneers. Glazed trunk door revealing mercury compensated pendulum. Also with unusual glazed side of trunk to see pendulum. To sum up a very good quality clock.

Antique Grandfather Clocks

Antique Domestic Regulator Clock by Pryor – London C.1805

Pryor main

Outstanding ‘8 day’ duration regulator clock. Featuring flame veneered mahogany cabinet by Pryor of London. Also with round silvered brass dial. Typical regulator dial layout. Features like dead beat escapement to movement. Another being bolt and shutter maintaining power. Lastly stunning mahogany cabinet of London design. Clearly a lovely clock for the specialist collector.

Antique Grandfather Clocks

Antique Regulator Clock by Christmas – London. 19th century

Christmas main

A good quality precision ‘8-day’ regulator clock. Together with good quality mechanism. Including ‘dead- beat’ escapement and maintaining power feature by Christmas. Many other high quality movement features. Also with wood rod pendulum and with glass trunk door.

Flame mahogany veneered cabinet of small size. Brass silvered round dial showing seconds. In summing up a very neat clock.

Antique Grandfather Clocks