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Antique Lacquer Bracket Clock by Smith & Sons - London C1770

Smith of London lacquer bracket clock
Side view showing lovely lacquer work on Smith clock Rear view of Smith and Sons London bracket clock Superb engraved backplate on Smith and Sons bracket clock Top view showing bell top case on Smith and sons lacquer clock


One of the finest and most original lacquer or chinoiserie bracket clocks we have ever had the pleasure of owning.

The dial showing fantastic matted centre,recessed maker's name engraved on a cartouche to below the 12 o'clock,subsidiary calendar and strike silent to the arch, arched brass dial with chapter ring and fine quality spandrels.Seperate alarm indicator to dial centre.

The original verge escapement with movement striking the hours on a single bell and with wind alarm feature still existing to backplate with extra double hammer underneath the bell.Pull repeat function

The amazing decorated cabinet of dark green and gilt work.Profusely decorated with Chinese scenes.This clock has had the minimum of work I have ever seen for a period lacquer bracket clock.I believe it has spent its life in Madrid in Spain.

Smith and Sons a superb family of clockmakers from London, James being clockmaker to King George III.