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Lunds Synchronized Wall Clock C1880

Synchronized clock by Lunds London
close up dial showing Lunds patent and numbered 4082 Lunds Patent fusee wall clock


24 inch dial Lunds Patent 41 Cornhill London numbered 4092 Synchronized dial fusee wall clock. Amazing super large wall clock with mahogany cabinet. Having now researched to see what the hole is to the top of the dial, it used to be a mechanism for accurately setting the time to the hour, For historical and technical details of the Lund system, see The Horological Journal for April 1878, pp.105/107 and an advertisement on page iv. of that issue, placed by Barraud & Lund. Greenwich National Maritime Museum have one in their collection.

In 1876 Lund took out patent no.3924 for a forcible correction of the minute hand of key-wound secondary clocks.

This is a very rare clock and of 8 day duration. C1880


24 inch dial