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Unique Wall Clocks October 8, 2013

Do you need a new wall clock? If you do, and you would really like one that’s unique, then have you considered buying an antique clock? Wall clocks aren’t a new idea, they’ve been around at least since the 1790s, so there are plenty of antique clocks out there to choose from. And Pendulum of Mayfair have a lovely selection of beautiful antique wall clocks, ranging in age from around 1795 through the 1800s, whether you want a British-made clock, or prefer a European timepiece.

You can also choose either a clock with a face only, sometimes called a dial clock, or one set in a larger case, such as a drop dial clock, or wall regulator. And you will also need to think about what size dial you want, as there are several different sizes in stock at the moment. You could, for instance, choose a lovely wall clock by John Walker dating from about 1880, with an eight-inch dial, or a 12-inch drop dial clock by Windle of Stockton, dating from about 1860. Really, the choice is yours!

For more information or to find out more about the range of unique wall clocks available, call 0207 629 6606 or email [email protected].


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